One of the best decisions I have made in all my life was deciding to look for a drug rehab near me. I was tore up from the floor up heavily addicted to Xanax, literally on the brink of death. With one foot in the grave, and death sounding evermore the better option to life, I had a brief moment of clarity and searched the web for the best drug rehab near me.

After years of abuse suffered through my own actions and decisions, I finally made the first healthy choice I had made in a long time. I decided to look for a drug rehab near me. I knew that finding a drug rehab near me would be one of the most important things I have done in my 30 years on this planet, so I took my time to really research which treatment facility near me would best suit my needs as I completely rebuilt my life from the ground up. My search resulted in me finding Divine Detox, and calling them was the first step, of many, to restarting my life, and I haven’t looked back since.

What to Look for in Drug Rehab Near Me

It is important you know exactly what to look for in a drug rehab near me. Just because a facility shows up first on Google does not mean it is the best place for you. I urge you to do your research, as I did when selecting Divine Detox. If you’re asking what to look for in drug rehab near me, the answer consists of a few different things. Do they offer multiple levels of care, as in inpatient and outpatient treatment? Will they be with you every step of the way from detox to aftercare?

Maybe even look to see if the place has reviews. I knew that when so many people were singing high praises for Divine Detox, that it was going to be the place for me. No two people are the same when it comes to recovery, so it is important to make sure the place you are considering provides individualized care. When you have decided that the place you are researching has potential, call the Admissions department and ask questions.

Get a feel for the atmosphere they provide. Knowing what to look for in a drug rehab near yourself can mean the difference between finding the place that saves your life, or a quick cash-grab facility that provides little to no help in your recovery.

Preparing to Enter Drug Treatment

Preparing to enter drug treatment can be a daunting time, however the most important thing is just making sure you show up. For those like me, who are addicted to drugs like heroin and Xanax, it is important you continue to use your drugs as to not throw yourself into withdrawals. These withdrawal symptoms can be extremely dangerous.

The reality of many people’s situations is that preparing to enter drug treatment requires quite a bit of planning. For example, taking time off of work, finding someone to watch the kids, and putting just about everything in your life on hold. It is important that you leave things in a certain way that you do not give yourself any excuses to have to leave treatment early. The motivation to seek help you feel now may fade a bit as the drugs leave your system, but remember the misery you feel now. Remember that motivation and use it to your full advantage.

Preparing to enter drug rehab should not be overcomplicated, going to treatment may very well be the most important thing you do in life. Preparing to enter drug treatment is an important phase. Setting yourself up for success early and in the beginning gives you the best chances at successfully completing the program and living a healthy life in recovery. So, make the call, schedule an intake appointment, and get control over your life once and for all.

Types of Addiction Treatment

Drug Rehab Near Me

There are many different types of addiction treatment. Inpatient is the most comprehensive as it entails 24-hour care. A place where you eat, sleep, and learn, all under one roof. Getting clean and sober will bring up all sorts of emotions and thoughts. Having a round the clock team of professionals to talk to can be the difference between getting clean and relapsing. Many people are like me, and have tried to get clean at home many times, and unfortunately have failed each and every solo attempt.

A big part of this is having too much free time, which has led me, and many others, back down the wrong path. Other types of addiction treatment include outpatient treatment and sober living. For those who do not have the time, or resources, it become impossible to stay in a residential setting for any amount of time.

Outpatient serves as a lower level of care where clients will still live at home, or in sober living, but will attend classes during the day. These classes can be anywhere from an hour to 3 hours. For me personally, I felt most comfortable doing the residential or inpatient program. After graduating from the inpatient program, I dropped down to outpatient treatment. This strategy worked for me and assured that I felt comfortable readjusting to normal life without being overwhelmed and pressured to relapse.  

The bottom line is that there is no cookie cutter plan for every individual when it comes to the different types of addiction treatment. Calling the list of places that come up when you google best rehab near me and asking them the types of addiction treatment, they offer will give you a better understanding of what they offer. Hopefully this will give you the necessary information to make an informed decision and get some help. Give Divine Detox a call and they will go over the types of addiction treatment and find out which suits you best.

The Advantages of Inpatient Drug Rehab

For me, the advantages of inpatient drug rehab were extremely evident the moment I investigated my options. I knew that I needed some time in a controlled environment, away from my using friends, to get the momentum needed for continued recovery. All the statistics point to the immense advantages of inpatient drug rehab for withdrawal. This means that the longer a person stays in inpatient treatment, the better their odds of sustained recovery become. Outpatient can offer the same benefits of inpatients if a person is not suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

According to a study on the SAMHSA website, outpatient programs can be just as effective as inpatient programs, but only if the person is not suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Because withdrawal symptoms are often prevalent with quitting any substance, the benefits of inpatient outweigh the risks of outpatient.

“In a national study evaluating veterans with SUDs, individuals who attended IOP treatment after medically managed withdrawal were more likely to engage in and utilize services, including those within the community, and had lower 2-year mortality rates.”

The fact that I could detox away from my usual environment, receive one on one counseling and group therapy, and sleep where I was receiving treatment, shined a bright light on all the advantages of inpatient drug rehab. If you have the time and resources, the advantages of inpatient drug rehab make it the premiere choice when selecting your level of care. I urge anyone with a substance use disorder to call Divine Detox and ask about the advantages of inpatient drug rehab that they can tell you.

Questions to ask Drug Rehabs

There are many questions to ask drug rehabs to find the one that best suits your needs. If it is needed in your case, ask if they provide a medically supervised detox. This is especially important for you if you are addicted to opiates or benzodiazepines like I was. Next, ask what levels of care they offer, as in inpatient or outpatient treatment and what the differences are between the two levels of program.

Some other questions to ask drug rehabs include what model of program do they utilize, is it 12-step based, CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy based, or behavior modification. Look into all these modalities and see which would work best for you. There are no foolish or trivial questions to ask drug rehabs, as the more information you can find out about the place the better.

Costs of Addiction Treatment Methods

Another important factor to consider is the costs of addiction treatment methods. Depending on the resources you have available to you it could determine whether inpatient or outpatient is right for you. It is also important to consider whether or not the facility you are looking into takes insurance or not. According to a study, residential is more expensive than IOP, since the average cost of detox and inpatient in California tends to be higher. Another factor is that reimbursement rates can vary from carrier to carrier. The bottom line is that costs of addiction treatment methods can vary tremendously and you will have to find a place that is within your means.

Features of the Best Drug Rehabs Near Me

There can be many treatment centers around you, however the features of the best drug rehabs near me are relatively set in stone. In my opinion, it is important that the rehab focus on continuing care, as recovery is a life-long journey and you aren’t cured after a stint in rehab.

Some other features of the best drug rehabs near me are having all the levels of care in one place, having a medical staff including doctors and nurses, and having step by step plans on where the client will go every step of the recovery process. I loved the options at Divine Detox because I was able to detox and go to inpatient treatment all at the same place. Wherever you are looking into, look for these features of the best drug rehabs near me to make an informed decision.

Drug Rehab Near Me

Travelling for Addiction Treatment

There are many benefits of travelling for addiction treatment, but there are also some drawbacks. Some of the benefits of travelling for addiction treatment include the fact that you are less likely to walk out of the facility if you are away from home. Early recovery will be a time that you will have some intense emotions, some valid, some unwarranted.

Sometimes these emotions will drive someone to storm out of a facility, but if you are one who is travelling for addiction treatment, and are far from home, you are far less likely to walk out. A drawback of travelling for addiction treatment is obviously the cost involved with travelling. Another drawback to travelling for addiction treatment is the fact that you will be away from your family and friends, which could be a good thing if they are using or drive you to use. Whether or not you are planning on travelling for addiction treatment, it is important to understand that wherever you end up you will still be you, its impossible to outrun ourselves.

Alcohol Rehab Near Me

Alcohol rehab does not differ much from drug rehab. I suggest to look for an alcohol rehab near me the same way you would look for a drug rehab near me. There are a lot of commonalities between programs like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. They are both 12-step programs and focus on the solution rather than the problem. The key concept with a 12-step program is that the substance is but a symptom of the problem.

According to AA literature, we have been not only mentally and physically ill, we have been spiritually sick. When the spiritual malady is overcome, we straighten out mentally and physically. “When men and women look inwardly, the spiritual component of the disease becomes apparent.

Foundations for Lasting Clean Recovery

One of the most important things to understand is that going to treatment only creates foundations for lasting clean recovery. Like I mentioned before, recovery is a lifelong process, and in my opinion, it is quite a pleasant road to travel, especially compared to active addiction. Attending Divine Detox has provided me with all the foundations for lasting clean recovery that I have needed to maintain a life drug-free and productive. I could not have done it without them.


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