Program Director
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Ms. Foreman has worked in the public education sector for over 20 years. The past five years of her professional career has been spent being of service to the recovery and treatment community. Ms. Foreman is a 1993 graduate of California State University Northridge where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics and in 1995 earned her Master of Arts in secondary teaching. Ms. Foreman had a flourishing career as high school mathematics educator and spear headed the Los Angeles Unified School Districts Impact program which introduced substance abuse treatment in the secondary schools within the Los Angeles area. Her passion to help individuals recover from substance abuse inspired her to return to school to obtain her Associate of Arts in Addiction Studies from Pierce College in 2015. Ms. Foreman is a recognized by the state of California as a certified addiction treatment counselor. She combines her clinical counseling expertise with her analytical knowledge to offer clients a unique perspective of problem solving.