Sober Living

Taking the first steps towards achieving long-term sobriety can be difficult. Transitioning from treatment to living independently in sobriety can cause a lot of anxieties and fears. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone with Divine Detox’s sober living program.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living, also known as sober living housing, is a temporary living arrangement to help people transition from primary treatment to living independently. All sober homes in Southern California are drug and alcohol-free environments.

Many sober home residents are enrolled in intensive outpatient programs. The combination of intensive outpatient therapy and the safety of a healthy sober living environment provides you with a great foundation for your recovery and is the suggested step after attending residential addiction treatment.

Because sober living is voluntary, there’s no required length of time you have to commit to. Although, most residents remain in homes from six months to a year until they feel like they’re ready to live in sobriety independently.

Why Sober Living?

Recovery is a process. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months for a formerly addicted mind and body to return to normal. During early recovery, it is common to lack impulse control, emotional control, and decision-making skills. It is best to be around other recovering addicts and alcoholics so that when problems arise you have peers who are able to help you come up with healthy solutions.

Sober living offers a transitional step from treatment into normal society to help ease the stress of a quickly changing life. Just as prisoners go to halfway homes before returning to society, those who were prisoners to their addiction might need a step between their addiction and independent living.

The Benefits of Sober Living at Divine Detox


When living in a sober home, you are expected to meet certain requirements other than abstaining from drugs and alcohol. Residents are typically required to attend 12-step meetings, talk to others in the recovery community, work, go to school, and regularly check in with house managers or other residents. The accountability requirements for living in a sober home aren’t meant to keep you out of the house, they’re all helpful steps to learning how to function responsibly once you are living independently.

Fellowship and Friendship

Early recovery can be a lonely time. You may feel like no one understands your problems and you can’t understand why you feel so isolated. Sober living helps feelings of isolation and loneliness by replacing it with friendship and fellowship. When you live in a sober home you have someone to join meetings with you, bounce ideas off, or sit down and play video games with. It’s also much easier to participate in daily recovery chores and attend meetings when everyone around you is doing the same. Sober homes are meant to teach you how to complete your responsibilities promptly and form healthy friendships.

Relearning Basic Living

It’s tough to admit, but many addicts and alcoholics need a full life reset after getting sober. When you get sober, you need to relearn how to socialise and how to conduct yourself around others. Sober living helps you relearn basic life skills like socialisation and how to pick up after yourself. Divine Detox’s sober living facilities require residents to complete household chores, keep their rooms tidy, and function well with other residents.

Alcohol and Drug-Free Environment

Leaving treatment can be scary because it’s the first time you will be dealing with avoiding temptations and impulses on your own. Going directly from treatment back into the real world leaves those temptations and triggers out in the open during your most vulnerable times – try sober living instead.All Divine Detox sober living facilities are 100% drug and alcohol-free, to help you avoid temptation during your first few months of recovery. The tools and lessons learned during sober living turn strong temptations into passing thoughts by the time you leave.

Take Action with Sober Living at Divine Detox

Years of addiction can change the way you think and process things, which makes early recovery one of the most difficult parts of sobriety. Instead of struggling on your own through boredom and temptation, consider living in a Divine Detox sober living home. The fellowship, accountability, and requirements of a sober home give you a much greater chance at lifelong recovery and happiness.

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