Residential Treatment

What is Residential Treatment?

If your life is becoming unmanageable due to drug or alcohol addiction, it’s time to get help. There are many forms of addiction treatment, but the most comprehensive form of treatment is Divine Detox’s residential addiction treatment program.

Residential treatment, also known as inpatient treatment, is 24/7 addiction treatment that takes place in a supervised live-in drug treatment facility. Unlike outpatient therapy, you eat, sleep, and learn all under one roof. Inpatient/residential treatment is the most thorough and effective of Divine Detox’s treatment models.

The Benefits of Residential Treatment

Time frames and Structure

Detoxing at home typically fails for many reasons, but one of the most common is too much free time. Idle time leads someone back to the same dark paths and negative thought patterns that trigger the obsession and cause addicts to get high or drink. Residential rehab offers structured days filled with activities, lessons, and therapy from morning to night. Keeping your hands and mind occupied during your first few days of sobriety creates a more fruitful and positive experience and doesn’t allow your mind to dwell on negative thoughts.

24/7 Care and Support

No matter what happens and when, residential treatment provides round-the-clock support staff and service. Getting sober can cause a surplus of varying thoughts and feelings, so if you need someone talk to, certified medical and counseling staff is always available. The 24/7 staff support helps residents get past the early days of recovery, treats any medical or mental health issue head-on, and allows residents to feel comfortable knowing they’re in a safe and supportive environment.

The Best Possible Foundation

If you want to run a marathon you’ll want the best trainer, if you want to be a full-time chef you’ll want the best culinary school, and if you want the best possible chance at long-term recovery you’ll seek the best treatment. Divine Detox prides itself in having one of the most thorough residential treatment, aiming to lay the strongest foundation for a successful recovery for each patient.

What Happens in Divine Detox Residential Treatment?


Before you’ll be ready for education and counseling, you need to clear your body of all drugs and alcohol during detox. Divine Detox’s medical team uses drug therapy, supplements, vitamins, and other tools to safely detox patients while keeping them as comfortable as possible.


Counseling is a significant part of treatment at Divine Detox. Addiction is a tough nut to crack, but our multitude of counseling services provides you with different avenues to explore your thoughts and actions in a new and positive way. You can ask questions you’ve been afraid to ask, figure out why your mind goes certain places, and most importantly learn techniques to overcome any mental walls. Divine Detox uses both one-on-one counseling and group therapy led by certified addiction counselors.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is arguably the most important part of our residential treatment program. Addicts and alcoholics don’t have much temptation to use in a 24/7 supervised drug and alcohol-free facility; the real challenges come after you leave Divine Detox’s four walls. Our relapse prevention program helps you learn to cope with problems, negative thoughts, triggers, and other issues without turning back to drugs or alcohol.

Family Counseling

You might be the one in addiction treatment, but addiction deeply affects your family too. Family counseling helps loved ones understand what you’re going through, and what they can do to help the situation as well as help themselves. Our family counseling programs are designed to bring broken families back together, and mend the relationships with the people who are most important to you. Patients have a much stronger change at long-term sobriety when the whole family is on board, and educated with the correct information.

Other Therapies

Divine Detox uses therapy outside of traditional talk therapy and counseling. While alternative therapies don’t come with the studies of traditional talk therapy, there is enough anecdotal evidence to support tools like meditation, mindfulness, yoga, music therapy, art therapy and much more.


While not directly part of a residential treatment program, all residential patients should set up aftercare once they leave Divine Detox. Aftercare is follow-up meetings where you and a group can discuss problems and successes or ask questions about your newfound sobriety. Residential treatment gives you a solid foundation for sobriety, but it’s healthiest to build on that foundation with aftercare.

Getting Started in Residential Treatment

If you or a loved one is struggling with the mental, emotional, and physical consequences of addiction it’s time for residential treatment, but how goes getting started work? At Divine Detox inpatient treatment begins with an interview to discuss your history of substance abuse, what you hope to gain from treatment, the cost of different programs, and what’s expected of patients. After the interview, a team of doctors and addiction specialists will craft a treatment plan to give you the best foundation for sobriety and a new life of serenity.

Start Residential Treatment Today

Thousands of Americans are affected by addiction, but you don’t have to continue to struggle alone. Browse the rest of our site or call Divine Detox today to schedule an appointment and get the help you or a loved one needs.

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