Outpatient Rehab

We understand that everyone does not have the time, resources, or availability to leave their life behind for a few weeks to enroll in an inpatient program – what can they do? If inpatient treatment is out of the question the next best thing is Divine Detox’s intensive outpatient programs (IOP.)

Outpatient vs Inpatient Treatment

During inpatient treatment, you live and participate in a 24/7 staffed residential facility. You wake up, go to counseling, eat your meals, and go to sleep in one place. In IOP, patients receive the same counselling, relapse prevention education, and lessons from inpatient treatment, but can return to work or home after the treatment session is over. Outpatient programs can be a lot more convenient than an inpatient program for clients who can not commit to a 24/7 treatment program.

The Outpatient Staff

Our outpatient programs are led by board-certified addiction and medical professionals. Before you begin IOP you will meet with a doctor or counsellor to research you and your personality, your history of substance abuse, what you know about recovery, and what you’re hoping to gain from IOP other than abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Again, no one program works for everyone, but the interview and client history portion of our program allows Divine Detox’s support staff to craft a plan perfect for you.

What Happens at Outpatient Treatment?

One-on-One Counselling

Counselling and talk therapy play a major role in IOP. Divine Detox’s board-certified counsellors and therapists want to learn about you, the role addiction played in your life, and what you’re hoping to accomplish. Counsellors utilise proven methods like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), among other types of therapy to help explore thoughts and feelings associated with your addiction and turn those bad thoughts into healthy actions.

Group Therapy

Like inpatient rehab, outpatient programs believe in the power of the group. During IOP, the counsellor will lead you and your group through different topics, issues, and potential problems so you can discuss your struggles with others who understand the turmoil addiction can cause. The group helps you find your voice, learn new perspectives, and get outside your own head.


IOP is designed to give you a foundation and tools for recovery but is not designed to monitor you for more than a few weeks or months. If you still want accountability, lessons, or need someone to share with you can turn to Divine Detox’s aftercare or sober living programs.

Unique Benefits of Divine Detox’s IOP

Outpatient is Flexible

Not everyone can pluck themselves from their daily responsibilities for a few weeks of residential treatment. Whether it’s work or caring for a family member, Divine Detox understands inpatient treatment isn’t suitable for everyone.Intensive outpatient treatment offers flexibility and scheduling options. IOP programs can range anywhere from a few hours a week, up to 70, so there’s a program that works for everyone. You can call a Divine Detox counsellor right now to discuss different IOP programs and find one that works with you.

Fellowship and Group Power

Isolating yourself is one of the most dangerous things an alcoholic or addict can do. The fellowship of meeting with others in your group provides a social pick-me-up and a reminder that you’re not alone. Unlike residential treatment where you make quick friends and move on, in IOP will you meet with the same people at every outpatient session. It’s common for patients to develop bonds and friendships with your group as you share your experiences and grow together. You can build a local support and recovery network that you can continue a relationship with after your IOP sessions are over.

Outpatient is Private

Though much of the stigma around addiction has lifted, it’s still a very personal experience you might not want to broadcast. Unlike inpatient treatment, outpatient programs give you the flexibility to attend sessions without raising suspicions to your employer or others if you don’t want it. Divine Detox believes in privacy and will help you maintain it.

Outpatient is Affordable

Because you’re not being fed, housed, or given medical treatment, outpatient programs are much more affordable than inpatient addiction treatment. You or your insurance company must pay for counselling and other services, but if the cost is your main reason for avoiding residential treatment addiction – look to IOP. You can call a Divine Detox counsellor today to review different outpatient programs, their cost, and what your medical insurance can do to help.

Get Started with Outpatient Treatment Today

If you have responsibilities without much flexibility in your schedule and are seeking treatment, look to Divine Detox’s IOP and aftercare programs. To review IOP, pricing, or ask more questions check out our website or call one of our certified counselors today. Every day you wait is another day of hopelessness and struggles – make the call.