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Benzo Detox

Benzodiazepines, commonly called benzos, are classified as CNS (central nervous system depressants) and are commonly prescribed to people who struggle with anxiety and panic disorders. These medications can also be use...

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Heroin Detox

The United States is currently facing the worst drug crisis in our nation’s history. Opiates have become a widespread issue throughout the country and th...

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Opiate Detox

The United States has some of the highest opiate addiction rates in the world. The number of fatal overdoses throughout the country rose substanti...

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Cocaine Detox

Cocaine is easily one of the most powerful and addictive substances in the world. It has remained a serious problem throughout the United States for over 40 y...

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Prescription Drugs Detox

Prescription drug detoxes have become an absolute necessity throughout the United Stat...

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Suboxone Detox

Suboxone has become the go-to medication to help those struggling with opiate addiction to overcome withdrawals. This drug can work wonders when taken...

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Medical Detox

Medically assisted detox will help those who are physically and mentally dependent on drugs and/or alcohol safely overcome withdrawals. Divine Detox is a medical detox located in the Reseda area of Southern California....

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Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances in the country. It is often advertised on TV, on the radio, and even on billboards. The consump...

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What People Are Saying

  • Divine Detox really helped me to gain an understanding of what my body was going through during the detox process. The staff was so understanding and patient. You can tell they truly care.

    Amanda L.

  • The staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable the entire time I was here. I wasn’t sure what to expect when going to treatment for the first time, but my experience at divine detox was wonderful.

    Alexander C.

  • Over the last several years I’ve been in and out of treatment. Divine Detox showed me compassion and gave me hope that I could recover and live a normal life again. I am forever grateful.

    Eric J.

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