Frequently Asked Questions About Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse issues and are looking into entering a detox program in California, you are on the right track! Detox is an essential step on the road to recovery, and you never have to go through it alone. Divine Detox is one of the leading detox centers in California and strives to help anyone struggling in a safe and effective manner. A lot of questions may arise before entering our detox, so we have put together this FAQ list to help answer the most commonly asked questions. If you have any more questions, our toll-free line is always open and one of our staff members will assist you with anything you may need.

Drug and alcohol detox centers assist those struggling with substance abuse issues to overcome withdrawal symptoms in a medically supervised setting. Divine Detox implements medication management to help ease the physical and mental stressors associated with substance abuse. Some detoxes specialize in helping clients with a specific substance abuse addiction; others offer a broader range of drug addiction and alcoholism services. Some detox facilities are gender or age-specific. There are also two levels of care for detoxes in California, inpatient, and outpatient care.

No matter what type of detox center it is, they all share an ultimate goal; to safely get clients through withdrawals. This is most effectively done when proper medications are administered by the medical staff to the clients. There are a variety of comfort medications that can greatly reduce the withdrawal symptoms associated with drug addiction and alcoholism. When a client is comfortable during detox, they are more likely to complete their stay at the facility.

If someone is experiencing withdrawal symptoms when they abstain from their substance of choice, then they can benefit from entering a detox program in California. Most narcotic substances are extremely addictive, both physically and mentally. When someone uses these substances for an extended period of time, they can develop physical and mental dependencies. If a physically dependent individual tries to stop using, they will face a variety of physically painful and mentally draining symptoms. Overcoming these symptoms alone is far from easy and can be life-threatening. If you or a loved one are experiencing these symptoms, please seek professional help from a detox center.

If using drugs or alcohol has caused a lot of negative consequences in your life, detox would be the ideal next step for you. It is not rare for people to lose their job, have family issues arise, or find themselves with legal problems when they struggle with drug or alcohol abuse. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, quitting drugs or alcohol without help is not suggested. Please seek out professional help from a detox center in California.

It is always suggested that patients struggling with substance abuse issues should continue treatment after detox by entering an inpatient rehab center. Detox gets the body back to normal, but most patients need continued care in order to heal the lasting mental effects of drug or alcohol abuse. People will need additional help to ensure long-term sobriety. Individual therapy, group therapy, family counseling, a 12-step prevention training program, relapse prevention, and life skills training are all recommended and extremely beneficial.

If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse issues and need help, please contact our toll-free line today. One of our staff members is always standing by to help you through this difficult time. We will make sure you are a good candidate for our luxury detox program and from there we begin the admission process. Every day that someone is out there using, they are bringing pain and destruction to their lives. Addiction and alcoholism is a matter of life and death for most people, which is why we always strive to get clients in as soon as possible.

While no two detoxes in California are exactly the same, many of them will have some shared practices. The most important thing a detox center can offer is a medically assisted detox plan. Certain medications can be very beneficial to those struggling and without them, withdrawal symptoms can become unbearable.

There are some detoxes in California that do not offer medically assisted detox, so make sure to research if a program offers this. There are state-funded detoxes and there are privately owned centers. State-funded detoxes in California often have a waiting list and the level of care is not always up to standards, which is why privately owned detoxes are optimal. There are lower-end private detoxes and there are luxury detoxes like Divine Detox.

Yes, clients are free to leave the detox center at any time, but it is not recommended. Detox centers are designed to create a comfortable and safe environment to promote recovery for clients. The program cannot hold a client against their will and will not force someone to admit themselves to the program. Detox centers can not be successful unless the client is committed to the program and willing to stay in the facility until they complete it.

The average amount of time someone spends in our detox center is about seven to ten days, but this can and will vary according to a patient’s personal needs. Each substance has varying withdrawal symptoms, and everyone experiences the symptoms differently. Some clients are completely done detoxing in just a few days, while others may require two weeks to become medically stabilized. Divine Detox designs individualized care plans around each client’s specific needs. This helps ensure their comfort and safety during their stay with us.

Certain medications may be unsafe while in detox and can be detrimental to the detox process.

Each of your prescription medications will be checked by our medical staff to see if it is safe to take while in our center. No narcotic medications will be allowed in order to ensure your sobriety. If medically necessary, one of our doctors can prescribe a new medication to replace others.

We do not allow in-person visitations during detox. This is very important and trying time for the mind and body, so patients need the ability to focus on themselves completely. We do allow phone calls to family members once approved by staff. When someone completes detox and enters an inpatient program, visitation rules are typically more relaxed.

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