Drug Rehab

Detoxing from drugs is not an easy thing to do, especially when attempted without professional medical assistance. Drug detoxes in California are designed to help those who are physically and mentally hooked on substances get clean in a safe and effective manner. Some drug rehab facilities will not administer medications that help ease the physical pain associated with the detox from various drugs. Here at Divine Detox, we believe that people should be comfortable during this trying time. Not only will it make their time with us more enjoyable, but it will also help them reach the next step in the recovery process with ease.

Detox is one of the first and most important steps on the road to recovery. Detoxing is absolutely necessary, but the physical and mental stressors that come along with it are not. When someone is physically and mentally hooked on drugs, they will face a variety of challenges when detoxing without proper assistance. A cold-turkey detox is not only extremely difficult to successfully complete, but it can also be very dangerous. Certain substances, like Xanax and alcohol, can be fatal if one doesn’t receive the proper medication to help them through the withdrawals. Drug rehab centers in California should always put the client’s comfort and safety first. Divine Detox prides itself on making our client’s safety and comfortability a priority.

Detoxing from Stimulants

Some drugs create more mental withdrawal side effects than physical ones. When someone is detoxing from substances like cocaine, crack, or amphetamines they may have some minor physical discomfort, but the mental withdrawals will be much more severe. Detoxing from cocaine and amphetamines, like crystal meth, is no easy task. Those who abuse one of these substances will face a variety of challenges that can easily turn them back to their substance of choice. These are some of the most addictive drugs in the world and are classified as stimulants. Some users report feeling mentally hooked on cocaine and meth after just one use.

As soon as the high fades, the withdrawals will begin. One will begin to feel increasingly anxious, experience depression, and can become highly irritable. Their mind will race with and be ruled by intense cravings for their next fix. These sensations can often lead one to use again. It is not rare for people to binge use cocaine and spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on drugs over a short period of time. This is far too common and stopping this dangerous cycle without the help of drug detox centers, is not easy. If you or someone you care about are struggling, please contact our toll-free line today to learn how Divine Detox can help you.

Opiate Detox

Opiates have become a national crisis. The widespread use of this drug class has lead to a dramatic loss of life throughout the United States. In 2017 over 45,000 people died of an opiate-related overdose, making it one of the leading causes of accidental death in the country. Heroin, prescription painkillers, fentanyl, and carfentanil are all classified as opiates. The need for drug detoxes has never been higher.

Unlike cocaine and meth, opiates are both physically and mentally addictive. The withdrawals associated with opiates can begin as little as two hours after the last use for short-acting opiates like fentanyl. For long-acting opioids, such as methadone, withdrawals can take several days to occur. Withdrawals will be mild in the beginning and increase with severity as time passes. One will begin to feel anxious, have mild cold sweats, intense drug cravings, and become restless. If they continue detoxing without medical assistance, these symptoms will become increasingly intense. Nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, profuse sweating, frequent sneezing, muscle aches, joint pain, restless legs, and crippling anxiety are all very common opiate withdrawal symptoms. Some drug detoxes in California, such as Divine Detox, will administer medications to help offset these painful symptoms. This will allow those struggling to comfortably overcome the symptoms all while in a safe and medically supervised environment.

Benzodiazepine Detox

Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, and Valium are all classified as benzodiazepines which are CNS (Central nervous system) depressants. They are designed to help those who struggle with anxiety and panic disorders. When taken short term and on an as-needed basis, these pills can be very helpful. Sadly, benzos have a very high potential for abuse and addiction and have become some of the most popular recreational substances in the country. The withdrawals associated with benzodiazepine addiction are similar to that of heroin and other opiates, except they have the potential to be life-threatening. One is at risk of having a seizure when detoxing without medical assistance, which can lead to fatal heart or brain failure. Anyone struggling with benzo addiction should seek help from a medically supervised drug detox to ensure their safety.

Divine Detox

If you have any questions regarding drug detox or withdrawals, please contact Divine Detox today. Our detox center is located in California and our staff understands how important it is to be comfortable through this trying time.

Our toll-free line is always open and one of our staff members is standing by ready to help you however they can. Calls are always free of charge and confidential. A better life is possible, please do not try to do this alone, call today!

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