Cocaine Detox

Cocaine is easily one of the most powerful and addictive substances in the world. It has remained a serious problem throughout the United States for over 40 years and there are no signs of its popularity slowing any time soon. California has some of the highest rates of cocaine abuse in the country. Some of the people who struggle with abuse and addiction issues related to cocaine report feeling addicted after just one use. Getting off this substance without the help of a cocaine detox in California is no easy task. People who try to do this alone may make it a few days or even a few weeks, but many of them will find themselves using it again.

Cocaine is a fast-acting substance with a very short half-life. When someone uses coke the intense impacts of it are felt. The user is first met with intense feelings of euphoria and a burst of energy. The high is short-lived and usually lasts only around thirty minutes, but this can vary depending on the method of use. As soon as the high begins to fade the user will begin to crash which is accompanied by the first stages of withdrawal.

Divine Detox helps those struggling with substance abuse and addiction issues overcome both the physical and mental side of their issues. While the withdrawals from cocaine are not as physically painful as other substances like heroin or Xanax, the mental side is extremely powerful. Cocaine detoxes have been proven to help increase success rates among people struggling with substance abuse issues. Please do not try to do this alone, help is available.

What Are Cocaine Withdrawals?

The Signs of Cocaine Addiction

If you believe a loved one is struggling with cocaine abuse issues and could benefit by entering a coke detox in California, then keep an eye out for these signs of abuse. When someone abuses this powerful substance there will be some significant changes in their physical and mental health. There will also be some dramatic changes in their personality and overall quality of life.

Someone who is struggling with a coke addiction will spend a large quantity of money every week on their habit, so you may notice that they are always short on funds or asking for money. It isn’t rare for addicts to turn to illegal acts to support their addiction. This can lead to a variety of legal repercussions. They can easily find themselves behind on bills or having issues in the workplace.

People who use cocaine regularly or who are under the influence will show some physical side effects of their use. Extreme sudden weight loss, lack of appetite, frequent blowing of the nose due to a runny nose, excessively talkative, grinding jaw, strange changes in sleep patterns, and bloody noses can all occur. The side effects of cocaine are not just physical, there are several mental long-term and short-term side effects of cocaine abuse. Have you noticed that your loved one is more irritable and frequently goes through mood swings? Do they seem depressed or overly anxious? People who are hooked on drugs can become extremely manipulative. People who are hooked on drugs will become manipulative and will lie frequently to support their habit and to continue using.

Getting Help

If you or someone you care about are struggling with substance abuse issues and would like to know more about our cocaine detox center, please contact our toll-free line today. Divine Detox is here to help you through this difficult time however possible. Whether you are just in need of some advice or would like to enter our coke detox, we are here to help. Calls with our staff are completely confidential and free of charge.

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