Why You Need More Than Drug Detox

Detox is an essential first step for those dependent on drugs like opioids, cocaine, meth, etc. Without it, attempts to get sober can be nearly impossible. This is because when someone tries to stop using, they can develop withdrawal symptoms

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Alcohol Withdrawal Divine Detox Treatment Center

Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

You’re done, finished, no more booze for you. After several mistakes and dumb decisions, you’ve decided to put down the bottle forever and never drink again. You’re going to quit cold turkey for your health, your family, and yourself.

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heroin detox divine detox Los Angeles, California

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Since the days of the Civil War when heroin was left at the bedsides of wounded and recovering soldiers, Americans have experienced a tumultuous relationship with this and other opioids. Heroin, in particular, has a storied history in the medical field,

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Why Inpatient Detox is Beneficial

When addicts attempt to get sober on their own, it’s common for their withdrawal symptoms to lead them to the next drink or drug. Withdrawals can be mentally and physically draining and extremely dangerous to endure without medical assistance.

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