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A woman suffers through Xanax withdrawal alone

Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms

There’s a misconception that medically prescribed drugs like Xanax are safer than illicit street drugs like heroin or meth. However, anything in excess is harmful. Hence, prolonged consumption of Xanax can cause psychological and physical dependence leading to Xanax withdrawal symptoms when attempting to suddenly stop using them. This article will give you an overview of Xanax withdrawal syndrome and…

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Medical devices and pills surround the word Ativan

Ativan Withdrawal Symptoms

Ativan withdrawal symptoms are the side effects of long-term Ativan consumption. Although there’s a general misconception that prescribed medications are safer than illegal street drugs, they come with their own caveats. Long-term drug interactions with Ativan can cause a psychological addiction or a physical dependence on it. Abruptly stopping or reducing intake results in withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can be…

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Close-up of Klonopin, trade name Clonazepam

Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms

Klonopin withdrawal symptoms can be psychologically and physically distressing, however, they are necessary for your recovery. Klonopin withdrawal symptoms arise when you suddenly stop taking Klonopin after regular, long-term use because your body develops a high tolerance for the drug. Knowing what to expect, what will happen to your body, and how to ease some of the discomfort will help…

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Illicit raw crystals of methamphetamine

What Are Amphetamines?

A Guide to Amphetamines Amphetamines are a class of drugs known as central nervous system (CNS) stimulants. They are typically used in the treatment of disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Because of how it reacts with the central nervous system, it can produce feelings of confidence, increase a person’s focus on a task, or make someone feel…

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Alcohol withdrawal symptoms shown as a visual with a human head in profile, composed of wine glasses and alcohol bottles

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Recovering from binge drinking and substance abuse is fraught with hurdles — the primary one being alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Despite the dangers of alcohol and the myriad problems it poses, taking refuge in the sedative effects of alcohol to numb withdrawal symptoms is a natural reaction to them. If you’re ready to go cold turkey to get rid of your…

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