Detox is an essential first step for those dependent on drugs like opioids, cocaine, meth, etc. Without it, attempts to get sober can be nearly impossible, a powerful reason why you need more than drug detox alone. This is because when someone tries to stop using, they can develop withdrawal symptoms and powerful cravings.

The type of withdrawal symptoms that can be experienced relies on the kind of drug a person is addicted to. This is why detox is so beneficial, as it helps individuals manage their withdrawal without going back to using.

Drug Detox

Drug detox is a service that offers a comprehensive approach to getting sober. Patients in drug detox stay at a facility for the entirety of this process. They benefit from a safe, drug-free environment that is run by medical and psychiatric professionals. Depending on their specific needs, patients can receive medications to help minimize or treat their withdrawal symptoms.

For example, patients dependent on benzodiazepines can be medically tapered from them with the use of lesser strength benzodiazepines. Patients who are struggling with opioid dependence can utilize Suboxone with a medication-assisted treatment approach. Nurses and other medical professionals can provide patients with over-the-counter medications to ease symptoms, too.

Outside of medications, however, drug detox offers much more than the chance to be physically comfortable during this time. Psychiatric professionals working in drug detox centers can also offer clinical support, which is arguably just as important as physical care. Symptoms such as anxiety, panic, depression, hallucinations, and irritability are treated with therapeutic services.

Drug detox centers are constantly working to ensure that all patients are receiving comprehensive care during detox. Patients who complete drug detox are usually encouraged to continue their care through a treatment program.

It is common for people to complete detox and go right back to their everyday lives. Unfortunately, detox alone is rarely enough for people wanting to stay sober. Patients participating in drug detox but who do not plan on following through with therapeutic care can quickly relapse. Once relapse occurs, getting sober again can be difficult.

Why Do I Need More Care After Detox?

In detox, you are working on ending your dependence on drugs. You are placing your focus on your physical and mental needs now that you are not using anymore. You are receiving professional support and guidance because it is necessary in order to get sober. But you are also struggling with the disease of addiction, which is multi-faceted, to say the least. Your physical dependence on a drug is not the sole issue that needs to be addressed.

Experiencing drug addiction impacts all areas of your life. Therefore, only addressing your physical dependence does not lay a strong foundation for long-term recovery. If you are striving to stay sober and live happily in recovery, drug detox only represents the first step. You must continue taking more steps in the right direction to heal yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, too. You need more care after drug detox or several reasons. Consider the following:

Emotional health 

Of course, substance abuse takes a toll on your physical wellbeing. For some, the physical impacts of addiction are their greatest challenges. However, your emotional health suffers as a result of your substance use disorder. Drug detox helps you address your physical needs so you can face your emotional ones. Participating in therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, individual therapy, and group counseling can help.

For example, individual therapy allows you to focus on your personal issues as they pertain to addiction. You will work with a trained therapist who will help you sort through those issues to improve your health. Group counseling gives you the benefit of recovering alongside others who share similar experiences with you. Through that medium, you will garner and provide support, as well as improve communication and foster compassion. Behavioral therapies like CBT can show you how to control your behaviors and emotions so that you can prevent relapse. 

Support system

Rarely is one successful when attempting to get sober and recover independently. You are going to need a healthy, steady support system in your life in order to continue on your journey towards recovery. Drug detox is helpful in stabilizing your physical health but does not offer the continued support you need. Participating in a recovery program post drug detox connects you with professionals and other recovering users.

That connection leads to the development of support, which is essential in your recovery. Professional support helps equip you with the skills that can keep you from relapsing. Community support gives you the emotional and spiritual boost you need to keep going. 


While in drug detox, you are not focusing on much outside of the symptoms you are experiencing. As each day passes by, you begin coming out of the fog of addiction. Once your head is clear, however, you will do yourself a disservice if you do not learn about your addiction. Entering into a treatment program after drug detox is vital for many reasons, especially when it comes to educating yourself. You can utilize this time to understand addiction as a disease and learn why it impacts you how it does. When you know better, you can do better. As you move forward in your recovery, this information can shape your success. 

There is no way around it — you need more than drug detox to be successful in recovery. The disease of addiction is complex. Only treating one aspect of it can be a waste of time and energy. 

Do You Need Help After Drug Detox?

We know how difficult ending active addiction is. But we also know that it is possible to do, even if you have a severe substance use disorder. You do not need to continue to abuse drugs. You do not need to keep on with a cycle of use that can kill you. Do not wait. Reach out to us at Divine Detox right now. We can help you begin moving in the right direction.

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