When addicts attempt to get sober on their own, it’s common for their withdrawal symptoms to lead them to the next drink or drug. Withdrawals can be mentally and physically draining and extremely dangerous to endure without medical assistance, one core reason why inpatient detox is beneficial.

Inpatient Detoxes are specifically designed to help patients get through every aspect of their withdrawal symptoms safely, and strive to make the withdrawal stages as easy as possible. Taking the first steps towards sobriety should be done with care and safety in mind, allowing medical professionals to assist you is the best way to ensure long-term sobriety. 

What is Inpatient Detox?

Inpatient detox centers provide a place for people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction to safely detox from any and all substances they are on. Inpatient detox offers the best combination of mental and physical treatment for the detoxing stage of sobriety. Therapists who specialize in addiction therapy are usually on-site to meet with clients to create a treatment plan suitable for them.

All detox centers employ nurses and doctors who medically supervise each client 24/7, in order to ensure that their withdrawals aren’t causing dangerous side effects. Doctors may also prescribe medication to ease symptoms that are difficult to deal with. Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on what substance a patient was on, but most withdrawal symptoms include the following: 

  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Anxiety 
  • Flu-like symptoms 
  • Cravings
  • Fatigue 
  • Hallucinations or paranoia
  • Nausea 

Reasons to go to an Inpatient Detox 

  1. Fellowship: 

Addicts commonly continue to use because they feel lonely and hopeless, but going to an inpatient detox center can help you realize that you are not alone. While in detox, you can meet other people who are going through the same things as you and create bonds that will allow you to trust in the process. Sobriety is all about learning how to communicate your feelings in a healthy manner and finding solutions to your problems that don’t include using a substance to cover up uncomfortable emotions. The first step to learning how to do this is to connect with other addicts who are also seeking long-term sobriety. 

  1. Separation from Triggers:

Being in a treatment center provides you with an escape from the outside world. Separation from your daily triggers can be vital when attempting to quit drugs for good. In today’s society, we are surrounded by the use of alcohol and drugs; it’s on our TV, our friends and family may partake in the use of substances, and it may even be in our workplace. Going to a detox center will allow you the proper time to remove substances from your body and lessen the obsession that causes you to pick up the first drink or drug. Also, there are qualified therapists who can help you find the proper coping mechanisms that will allow you to handle your problems without feeling the need to pick up a drink or a drug. The best way to ensure your sobriety is through a program specifically designed to help you overcome the lasting effects that your addiction has left you.

  1. Continued help: 

While detox is an important first step towards continuous sobriety, most addicts require more treatment. Inpatient treatment centers can usually provide you with resources to different levels of care, or will have a separate program that you can enter after detoxing. Each detox center typically has its own aftercare program as well, so if you don’t enter into a separate program afterward you can still find the support you need. Detox centers typically lead you into inpatient or outpatient IOP programs, which are extremely beneficial to creating a strong foundation for your recovery. While in an inpatient IOP, you have the opportunity to go to AA or NA meetings with other people attending your program. Going to these meetings can allow you to make connections inside the recovery community, which promotes the accountability you need to stay sober. Detox can provide you with the tools you need to continue your journey into recovery and live a full and sober life.

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