Residential treatment is the highest level of professional addiction treatment available. If you enroll in a such a program, you will live at the facility. Most inpatient treatment programs last 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on the needs of the patient. This is one of the key elements that separate residential treatment from other addiction treatment programs.

Outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, etc. do not offer patients the type of time that residential treatment does. Because the majority of people in inpatient programs require intensive care, it’s important that treatment is not rushed. 

It is common for people in need of addiction treatment to shy away from residential treatment. This type of program requires a strong commitment, and that can be hard to provide when still actively using. However, if you need this sort of supportive care, it is much more important to get treated than continue to use.

Do You Need Residential Treatment?

If you are abusing drugs and/or alcohol, it can be difficult to determine what kind of treatment you need. This is especially true because since you are using, your mind is not in a state to make solid decisions. Many people are encouraged to go into residential treatment by their friends, family, and loved ones. But, if you are considering treatment yourself, how do you know if you need inpatient treatment? Ask yourself some of the following questions to help make that decision.

How severe is my substance use disorder?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) identifies 11 defining criteria for substance use disorder. Some of these criteria include needing to use more of a substance to get high and experiencing cravings. Using despite suffering consequences and making repeated attempts to quit but being unsuccessful are also criteria of a substance use disorder. A severe substance use disorder is defined as having six or more of the 11 symptoms. If you are experiencing a severe substance use disorder, you may require residential treatment to get sober. 

Am I physically dependent on drugs or alcohol?

Being dependent on drugs or alcohol means that you experience withdrawal symptoms when you go without using it. This shows that your body has become accustomed to the presence of the substance. When this is the case, residential treatment tends to be the best option. This is because, in an inpatient setting, detox services can be provided. Detox, depending on the type of substance you have been abusing, can be deadly. Receiving professional detox services can help you stay safe and healthy at this time.

Have I experienced consequences because of my use?

Being addicted to drugs or alcohol often causes people to suffer the consequences of their use. Common consequences include losing a job, getting a divorce, or developing a health problem. Ask yourself if your use has led to consequences in your life. If so, and if you have continued to use despite, seeking residential treatment can help.

Why can’t I stop using?

You might ask yourself this question on a daily basis if you are addicted to drugs and alcohol. No one wants to be hooked on dangerous substances like these. If you have tried to stop using but have been unsuccessful, residential treatment might be able to help. When enrolled into inpatient care, you will be given the time and space to fully examine your addiction. This will allow you to understand why you started using and why the use continued. 

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol and know that you need help, reach out and ask for it. You may get in touch with a program that is not suited to meet your needs. However, you can be directed to a place that is. If you suspect that you need residential treatment, pick up the phone today. Call a local treatment center, therapist, or loved one. Ask for the help that you deserve. 

How Can Residential Treatment Help You? 

Residential treatment is the top-tier of addiction treatment. Everyone who participates by enrolling with inpatient care can benefit significantly. Residential treatment can help you in countless ways. Consider the following:

  • Safe environment — In residential treatment, you will be living at the facility. Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited from the premises, eliminating the temptation to use. The living quarters are also clean and comfortable. You don’t need to worry about coming in contact with people connected to your use (e.g. a dealer, an addicted friend).  In residential treatment, you are safe. You are not living in a toxic environment. You are not living alone. Instead, you are living in a space where everyone around you can help encourage your recovery.
  • Medical and psychological support — Residential treatment facilities have medical and mental health professionals available 24/7. If you need help with a physical issue, you can be connected to one immediately. If you are struggling psychologically, a therapist, counselor, etc. can provide you with support. 
  • Skills development — Being in this setting allows you to develop skills and build upon the ones that you already have. You can work on your skills in a setting that is free from outside influence. This is extremely important because it allows you to focus fully on yourself rather than on other things. 
  • Identify triggers — In residential treatment, you work with mental health professionals regularly. Through this work, you can identify triggers for your use. Knowing what your triggers are can help prevent relapse. You can avoid your triggers if you know what they are. You will also learn what steps to take if you are triggered.

Your participation in residential treatment will determine how much success you will experience. The more effort you put into your recovery, the better the outcome will be.

Get Professional Treatment Right Now

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, know that you do not need to stay this way. There are countless options available to help you end your addiction. Residential treatment at Divine Detox is one of best of those options. 

Do not wait if you need help. Reach out right now and get started on your recovery today.

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